UAB have become the exclusive distributor of Gens ACE products Lithuania and Latvia.

Gens Ace is a manufacturer of top quality Lithium-Polymer battery packs. What we understand by the top quality is a very good discharge rate, long durability and precision of manufacturing. Furthermore, Gens ACE are only grade A cells, of which packs comprise a real (not exaggerated) discharge rate [C]. For example, Gens Ace 20C battery packs have discharge rates which are, in many cases, significantly higher than cheap, low quality battery packs singed as 30C or even 35C of other brands.

Gens ACE battery packs - a great selection of battery packs, from low-capacity 1S items up to 7200mAh 6S with a discharge rates from 20C to 70C. In the offer you will also find transmitter/receiver battery packs singed as RX and/or TX.

We also encourage to pay attention to a 450mAh 2S used in small copters, drones and boats, an 800mAh 2S suitabe for, among other models, 4ch E_sky heli, a very popular 1300mAh 3S used in many flying models, like a Sky Sufer plane, also popular 1800mAh and 2200mAh both 2S and 3S, battery packs in hard cases used in rc cars and also 3S and 4S packs with capacities over 3000mAh, used mainly in flying models.

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